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Not when she still owes me a dance


Not when she still owes me a dance

Faith 4.16 | Buffy 6.13 [Requested by Anonymous]


Mobile Suit Gundam 00 illustrations by the series’ character designer, Yun Kouga

Yun Kouga is best known for her fantasy shounen-ai manga Loveless


Tony’s nicknames for Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes 


he was a boy
she was a girl
can i make it any more obvious

they loved playing games
they’re siblings btw
this story’s probably not what you thought at the beginning


he was a boy
she was a girl
can i make it any more obvious

he wanted her
she couldn’t care less
thus a panic pixie dream bitch was born


he was a boy
she was a girl
can i make it any more obvious

they were best friends
that’s literally all they were
straight people have such weird opinions


he was a boy
she was a girl
can i make it any more obvious

apparently you need to
because otherwise the millions of straight romcoms
with miscommunication plots wouldn’t exist


he was a boy
she was a girl
can i make it any more obvious

they checked out girls together sometimes
until he asked to watch her have sex with her girlfriend
because it turned out he’s just another sleazy straight boy




he was a boy
she was a girl
i should have made this more obvious



I’m just going to leave this here as a gentle reminder that Asgardians are not stupid, technology dumb idiots that just stomp around and break things. They’ve pretty much been there, and done that waaaaay before.


sie sind das essen und wir all in this together

Heimdallr was queer and not white


I still, ages later, find it ridiculous how racist fanboys get their undergarment of choice in a twist because Idris Elba was chosen to play Heimdallr in the Thor films.

"but he’s supposed to be white, blublublu"

Well, there’s almost no authentic Old Norse sources out there which describes the physical appearance of Heimdallr, and the only time he’s presumably described as the whitest of Aesir, it’s in a section of the Þrymskviða where he’s suggesting that Thor should be dressed up as Freya and sent off as a bride to a giant in order to marry him, and thus retrieve Mjölnir.

And when the term “whitest of Aesir” is used in such a setting - cf. the actual stanza below - it has to be understood not on a literal word-by-word basis, but as a metaphorical adjective, which has little to do with the skin colour of Heimdallr, and more to do with his personality and possibly gender.

Þá kvað þat Heimdallr,
hvítastr ása,
vissi hann vel fram
sem vanir aðrir:
"Bindum vér Þór þá
brúðar líni,
hafi hann it mikla
men Brísinga

This translates, and I admit that my Old Norse is rusty, so bear with me, as follows;

Then spoke Heimdallr,
the whitest of the Aesir
he knew how to tell the future
as was the custom of the Vanir:
Let Thor wear
bridal garments,
adorn him with 

Now, by the time the Þrymskviða was written, the term hvítr had acquired a certain pejorative undertone, and it was often used to describe people who nowadays would be considered queer. Together with terms like argan - effeminate and passive, homosexual - it forms part of a set number of words, describing people who did not confirm to modern day heteronormativity, but which back then were not necessarily seen as either good or bad. What’s interesting here is that hvítr and argan when seen as words related to each other could be interpreted as top and bottom, if we’re to use modern day terms.

Knowing this, I choose to interpret the use of hvítr in the section above as a conscious way to emphasise the queerness of Heimdallr, who never married and was the son of nine virginal sisters. By highlighting Heimdallr’s queerness before he goes on to suggest that the manliest, most virile of the Aesir should dress up as the goddess of sex and war, is simply a way to make it even more obvious that Thor is going to flip his shit when its suggested.

And flip his shit he does. In the 17th stanza he says:

Þá kvað þat Þórr,
þrúðugr ǫ́ss:
mik munu æsir
argan kalla,
ef bindask lætk
brúðar líni.

Which translates as;

Then spoke Thor,
the strongest and manliest of Aesir;
Aesir will call me
a passive, effeminate man
if I allow people to
dress me in bridal garments.

So. In other words - the actual Old Norse sources do not explicitly state that Heimdallr was white, and in addition to that, the only time he’s called white, it’s in a setting where the term white is a synonym of queer.


Ponder that for a while, will you.