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Discussing the highlights of this episode with rasberrybeanie.

neraiutsuze: i liked garth

Fel: I liked him too

Fel: bless his heart

neraiutsuze: if the episode had just been about dean and garth with sam showing up to meet them a little later from his camping trip (???)

neraiutsuze: with becky showing up at the end and killing the demon and being all OHMYGOD!!! DID YOU SEE THAT!!!!!! I AM SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! and them being like wat and her being like THIS WAS MY HGH SCHOOL REUNION OMG YOU’RE HEREEEEEE

neraiutsuze: and then a heartwarming scene of people being douchebags to her and sam actually standing up for her because hey she might be a freak but nobody deserves being a dick

neraiutsuze: and crowley doing his sassy awesome thing as exactly the same

neraiutsuze: it would have been a lovely heartwarming episode

  1. hiddenbrugh said: OH MY GOD MIRI, IT WOULD BE PERFECT, STOP IT, YOU SHOULD WRITE THAT FUCKIG SHOW, I CAN’T ANYMORE AKJDHSFKJDLHLGKJHSDFG i wish so much things had happened as yo just wrote. fuck this shit.
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